This Months Azure Standard Order

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If you’re curious about what I got this month I’m excited to share. Azure Standard is a great company to get high quality and organic food. Read on to see what this months order contained.

people lined up to unload truck
We all line up to unload the truck one box at a time!

First, let me explain how Azure Standard works. Joining is free which is really amazing for this type of co-op. There are monthly drops all over the country. This cuts out the middle man since Azure packs the truck and drives it right to you!

The part that I love the most is that during the drop day we all come together and help unload the truck to distribute the orders. During the drop last week we had 110 families that ordered! It’s really neat to see all the local folks gathering.

Azure Standard has almost everything you can imagine from fresh produce, dairy to rice and beans. It’s not all bulk sizes either so don’t let that stop you. If you’re interested in organic, gluten free or specialty products they have that as well. Click here to check it out!

Now let’s see what I got this month!

This was my biggest order so far. Judging by the orders I see others get, mine isn’t that big but I’m still trying to figure out what exactly I need and how to incorporate this monthly order into our weekly needs.

I decided to get a few cases of Einkorn pasta. While I was figuring out how to prepare for a food shortage, I decided this was a good item to stock up on since we have pasta once a week at least.

I wrote a post with some tips on how to prepare for a food shortage if you want to check that out here.

Keep in mind buying a bunch of canned items you don’t normally eat might end up being a waste of money. Check out that post to help you plan specifically for your family.

Back to the pasta, I like Einkorn because it is an ancient grain that has not been genetically modified like much of the grain here in our country. This makes it more nutritious and easier to digest.

box of gluten free manicotti pasta
I know my oldest child would love having manicotti for dinner!

I also saw some gluten free manicotti and thought that would be a fun meal once in a while so I grabbed 3 boxes of that.

Since I haven’t mastered making cheese yet with the raw milk I get locally, I decided to buy a 5 pound block of raw cheddar cheese.

I got a case (12 cans) of organic diced tomatoes and a case (12 cans) of tomato paste. This made sense to me because they are so versatile and I can make all kinds of things with them. My plan to make this a monthly purchase.

Last month I bought 20 pounds of organic unbleached all purpose flour and I still have a little left so I bought 10 pounds this month. Since I am making sourdough bread every few days I am going through flour pretty quickly. The good thing about Azure is that when I finally get a grain mill, I can buy whole grain from them that I can grind myself.

Lastly, I got a large bottle of coconut aminos. I always seem to run out. We run into Target to get some so I wanted to see how long this larger bottle would last. This is more cost efficient.

What’s my end game?

My end game is to be completely free from needing grocery stores. We are all seeing empty shelves in our local stores. I was WAY to reliant on them so if there was a shortage or a supply issue I would be unable to feed my family.

If I source locally and grow my own food, I have more freedom. Currently I source dairy and eggs locally and I am working on a local beef source as well.

Moink is my choice for clean meat right now and will continue with that until I can get a larger freezer and buy part of a local cow. If you’d like to check out Moink and get $20 off your first order click here.

I am buying organic produce from Misfit Market to supplement what I can’t grow now that the colder months have arrived. If you want to check them out click here and get $10 off.

We will continue to stock up on the healthy foods we eat. I want to be completely prepared in case good food is hard to come by.

I also need to be mindful of the fact that we don’t have a ton of storage. A friend recently told me that “If you’re not storing food under your bed, are you REALLY storing food?” which totally cracked me up!

I hope this gives you a peek into what Azure Standard can do for you. I would love to hear what you end up ordering so please comment below and share with us.

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