Finding my way as an unexpected gardener, working towards food independence. Come along and find your freedom too because gardening is for everyone!

Welcome to Unexpected Gardener! My husband came up with this name because me as a gardener is truly unexpected. I am a city girl from New England, and honestly I never would have pictured myself being an organic gardener. People who have known me for a long time were pretty surprised since dirt or sweating isn’t really my thing. I was bougie before that was a thing. You should have seen my hair in the 80’s!

In 2020, I suddenly realized that I needed to learn how to be more self sufficient. Facing food shortages was scary. I have four children that rely on me to care for them. I told my husband that I was going to try to garden and figure out how to have some form of food independence. He was skeptical I could do it but I dove in and started my first garden that spring. I learned a ton and made a ton of mistakes but that journey ignited something inside me and I knew in my heart I needed to forge ahead and take as many people with me as possible because gardening is for everyone!

This journey has been incredibly healing for me since I feel like I am taking some of the control back and tapping into my independent/rebellious self. It has also been amazing for my kids! We have moved from gardening to sourdough to fermented drinks and will continue to learn how to nourish our bodies in the best way. I am excited to venture more into medicinal plants too.

I am redefining myself in my 40’s! I am thrilled you are coming along with me.

Random Facts About me

  • I am a coffee LOVER
  • I was a foster mom, now adoptive mom
  • I killed so many plants in my life and thought I could never successfully grow anything
  • I laugh when people fall
  • I was 47 the first time I grew a vegetable
  • I hate feet

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