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We Need A Food Revolution

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I just finished attending my second Homesteaders of America conference. We need a food revolution in this country.

It’s pretty amazing to be surrounded by so many people that feel like I do. There are people of all colors and sizes. Folks from all over the country.

There were families too. Lots of families which was powerful. I do believe these children will be the generation to continue on with the self sufficient lifestyle.

I come at this with a unique perspective because I never knew anything about this lifestyle growing up. We had no clue about where our food really came from. We opened boxes of hamburger helper and ate pop tarts and so on.

When I became pregnant with my oldest at 22 years old I did start to research about food. What was healthy? And let me tell you that was confusing as heck. Just about everything I read contradicted what I read before it.

I did know that eating food as close to its original source was important so I did the best I could. I was stumbling along trying to feed her what was best. I failed in a lot of ways. I made some decisions for her that I will always regret. I didn’t know any better.

The next 25 years were filled with my mind opening up to all new ways of looking at food and it was such a shift from standard American thought. Waiting in line in my minivan with two kids in the back buying raw milk (it was illegal in FL) milling my own flour, fermented cod liver oil (I think my oldest is still traumatized by that) and learning how to cook.

At 47 years old with 4 kids that relied on me for nourishment, I finally realized that I needed to not only feed my kids real food but learn to grow it myself. I really had no idea how broken our food system was until I couldn’t buy some of the things I needed to feed them. The pandemic was a huge eye opener for me, as I am sure it was for you too.

Unlike many people who panicked and then breathed a sigh of relief when store shelves got stocked again, I decided I’m not waiting around for them to feed me. 

I was determined to circumvent the terrible food supply and grow as much as possible and locally source what I couldn’t grow.

The garbage the food manufacturers create and sell to Americans as food is disgusting. They are literally filled with poison. POISON! I’m not sure if Americans just blindly trust the FDA or what but I can’t figure out why we are still buying this and giving it to children or if Americans just are too lazy to educate themselves but it is wrecking our health. Just do an internet search about childhood autoimmune diseases and you will see what it’s done to our kids.

Why do other countries get better ingredients?

On a side note you do realize that major food manufacturers use different, less toxic ingredients for the same products they sell in Europe don’t you? Skittles and Doritos and m&ms don’t have the artificial colors and added toxins. So the FDA approves that garbage but says raw milk should be illegal? Make it make sense. And make this get you angry so you demand better!

As angry as I get, I try to remind myself of the mistakes I made with my first born. It wasn’t because I didn’t care about her, it was because I was ignorant.

Back to the homesteaders of America conference and the reason I am writing this.  

I feel hope.

Hope seeing thousands of other people who understand how important it is to get back to our roots.

Hope seeing so many people like me who didn’t have any of this growing up but are now awake and are doing better for their kids.

Hope that I can share with you and bring you along with me.

There are a ton of things that divide us in our country.

Having access to real, wholesome, healthy food free of pesticides and poison ingredients can unite us all.

Let’s start a food revolution. 

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