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Water Kefir Soda Recipe Your Kids Will Love

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I recently learned about water kefir (I didn’t even know it was a thing) and it’s incredible! In this post I will discuss why it’s so awesome and share a recipe for water kefir soda your kids will love!

glass bottles filled with water kefir

If you’ve been reading my blog you know I am all about food independence. Clearly the first few things that should come to mind when you hear the words food independence is gardening, prepping or homesteading.

It’s all those things but it’s also learning to make food from scratch and probiotic rich fermented foods too. You can prep all you want but if your family doesn’t have access to nutrient dense foods, you weren’t thinking ahead.

There may come a time when having access to supplements isn’t possible. Or it could be financially out of reach. What better way to get all the supplements you need than from real food?

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Fermented foods pack a powerful punch

There are a million ways to ferment food but this blog is all about water kefir. My kids LOVE it! My Littles love it and my teen loves it. It feels so good to know when I ask if they want water kefir soda, I know they are drinking something loaded with gut healthy probiotics.

Quickly let’s go over why fermented foods are so dang good for you.

  • Rich in gut healthy probiotics
  • Boosts immune health (dude THAT IS HUGE!)
  • Fantastic for digestion
  • Healthy gut flora reduces anxiety and depression

All I can say is I am here for it! We don’t drink soda in my house but if you do, this might be the best switcharoo you have ever done as a parent.

glass bottle filled with water kefir and a lemon

I got the recipe for Water Kefir from one of my favorite bloggers. I switched it up a little bit though as I have become more experienced.

Step 1

You will need to purchase some water kefir grains. They’re ALIVE! The whole thing sounded like something from outer space to me but hang with me. I purchase mine from Cultures for Health and they’ve been going strong for months!

Once you get them, follow the directions on the packet to wake those little baby bacteria up.

Step 2

Start your first batch of water kefir. Start with a cup of boiling water and dissolve 1/2 cup of organic sugar (brown is also fine – just make it organic). Allow it to cool COMPLETELY. If you boil your baby bacteria, you kill them.

Step 3

Pour your cooled organic sugar water into a half gallon mason jar (I use this jar) or any half gallon glass jar you want, it has to be glass. And put your water kefir grains in. Fill it up with water. I use the filtered water from my fridge door. Tap water could have chemicals so use filtered.

Step 4

Loosely put a cap or covering on. You can use a coffee filter and an elastic. I just put the jar lid on loosely. And let that ferment for a day or two. In my limited experience this fermentation step is a little flexible because I have forgotten and left it on the counter for more than 48 hours. Taste it at different times. It shouldn’t taste like sugar water because the grains will eat up all that sugar.

Also the warmer it is, the faster it will ferment. And also, the more grains you have (they multiply with constant use) the faster it will ferment.

Step 5

Filter your water kefir into a large pitcher or bowl. I use a cheese cloth lined fine mesh strainer. Save a little liquid in the half gallon jar for you to put your water kefir grains back in for the next batch. I try to start the new batch right away.

Step 6

Here’s where the magic happens! Carbonation! add 1/4 cup juice of choice in each bottle. Organic apple juice is perfect! I bought these amazing bottles on Amazon. They are wonderful because they look cool and are easy to burp. Plus you can’t lose the lids. We lose lids A LOT!

Next fill it up with your freshly fermented water kefir. Allow them to sit in your counter for approximately 48 hours. I say approximately because it does vary so taste it each day and you will know when it’s ready. IMPORTANT – you MUST burp them daily! The gasses need to be released because if not, the bottle will explode. This actually happened to me last week! It’s not fun cleaning that mess up so trust me on this tip.

glass bottle pouring water kefir in a glass filled with ice

After the 2nd fermentation you will have delicious soda that will provide a strong boost to the gut and will please the tastebuds of all the kids and adults!

girl drinking water kefir your kids will love

I am working on a fun ebook with some flavor variations of Water Kefir Soda Recipe Your Kids Will Love. My plan was to have it completed by the time I posted this blog but DONE is better than PERFECT. Between jobs, kids, kids schedules and feeling tired, I just couldn’t complete it. I know you know exactly what I mean.

Sign up for my newsletter and as soon as it’s done I will email the link for you to download it.

Please share in the comments how your water kefir soda tasted and what flavor juice you used.

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