Tips to Handle a Goods Shortage

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We are facing a goods shortage that could threaten our holiday shopping. In this post I will give you some tips to handle a goods shortage and also challenge your usual shopping habits.

Is it time to break up with our usual mode of shopping?

I have been saying this for years and part of me thinks this might be the opportunity I’ve been waiting for. Our reliance on goods from China, likely made in sweat shops isn’t good, moral or sustainable. Americans spend billions each year buying cheaply made goods while turning a blind eye to the terrible human rights violations.

We can buy better and we should buy better. I heard on the radio that we should plan to buy now so we can ensure we can give our kids Christmas gifts. But what if we tip over the table and use this as an opportunity to reject the status quo?

Buying cheap foreign goods now rather than later doesn’t change our dysfunctional relationship with China. It’s time to change things.

So let’s start a revolution shall we?

How do we do that?

  1. Buy Fair Trade – when you buy Fair Trade you can feel good knowing the makers were paid fairly and worked in good working conditions. I have worked with women artisans (living in poverty) for almost 7 years and have seen first hand the life changing impact earning a living wage has. That also creates a ripple effect not only for their family but their community. In some cases it’s the difference between life and death. You can shop with me here for anything from coffee to jewelry to home décor. Here are a few other options I know and trust – Starfish ProjectPapillion MarketplaceEleganteesHaiti Design Co
  2. Buy Local – there are tremendously talented local creators that offer anything your heart desires. Yes, it takes more effort but in my experience they will bend over backwards to help you get the perfect gift. I love Amazon convenience as much as the next person but at times like this supporting local is the way to go.
  3. Buy American Made – we are so reliant on getting goods from overseas that we are feeling the pinch now that they can’t unload goods. If you buy American made much of that inconvenience goes away.
  4. Buy an Experience – instead of buying an item, purchase a trip, or an experience for the people you love. The possibilities are really endless and can apply to local folks as well as out of towners.
  5. Donate – I’m actually not a super huge fan of a lot of charities however buying someone in Haiti or Africa a goat or a dozen chickens is AMAZING! When you give a family in poverty a dozen chickens through Samaritans Purse, you are giving them an amazing food source but also income potential because they can sell the excess eggs. This applies to goats as well. They can drink the goat milk and sell it too. This type of charity preserves the dignity of the recipient. You can do this in anyone’s name.
  6. Make it – maybe this is the year that you make your gifts. Sometimes a beautifully written letter about how much someone means to you is the greatest gift of all.

It’s all about independence!

Food independence is my jam! But any type of independence from the current system is a part of my ultimate goal. And if you’re reading this I would think that’s your goal too.

Locally sourcing the food I can’t grow and buying Fair Trade goes hand in hand with the tips I shared above. It’s hard to do this 100 percent of the time. But what if we all did this 50 percent of the time? Imagine the impact that would have??!!!

Click here for tips to prepare for a food shortage.

I went to The Homesteaders of America conference last weekend (more on that later). If the huge crowd of 5,000 + people there doesn’t tell you a revolution is coming, I don’t know what will. People are ready to become sustainable and independent.

These latest supply chain issues is the perfect opportunity for us to take back some control. I’m so excited to navigate this with you.

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