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Plan Your Garden With My Free Garden Planning Graph!

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It’s cold outside and most of us can’t grow anything right now so it is the perfect time to plan the garden! Grab a cup of coffee, get out the seed catalogs and plan your garden with my free graph.

I have a hard time visualizing what changes I want to make or how the finished product will look like so I have to write it down and draw it out for the concepts to come alive for me.

I searched the web for a long time to find one that was simple but only found one! Most of them were too elaborate or busy and it made it hard for me to be creative. When I created my course Gardening For Beginners, I made my own and included it with the worksheets and print outs. If you want my course for free click here to read about getting it! I felt really strongly the end of 2022 that I needed to give away my course for free so please reach out if you are a beginner.

I have used it again and again to make the dream and plan in my head come to life! The garden graph I made is perfect for the average backyard gardener. You can print as many copies as you need.

Planning Might be my Favorite Part!

I love to actually grow food so don’t get me wrong but there is just something so satisfying about drawing out my entire garden and planning what I will grow in each bed.

This graph has also helped me decide what changes I want to make as well. This year we completely changed around the raised bed configuration so it was so helpful to have a few copies going of various designs.

Click here to get your copy and HAPPY PLANNING!

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