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14 Beautiful Pink Veggies and Flowers Create an Enchanting Garden!

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Most of us aren’t planting our gardens outside right now but you can start planning some fun Valentine’s Day inspired plants this year! Adding these 14 Beautiful Pink Veggies and Flowers Create an Enchanting Garden throughout your garden bed to create a magical pop of pink. You can plant them in it’s own section too which will make an enchanting garden that will woo you all season. You can create what you love so use your imagination. Even if you have a small space, add some flower beds to your front yard to create a beautiful garden space there as well. If you have a container garden you can add a focal point for some pops of color. Even if all you have is an herb garden, you can choose colorful herbs to add some color. 

What does an enchanted garden mean?

To me it means whatever will draw you outside to nurture your garden. I talk a lot about gardening for food independence and that is very important but your garden should woo you out to it. When you look out the window and you see the beautiful pink veggies and flowers (or blue or purple or whatever you want) you will once again be drawn out there. Maybe you need a variety of colors? Can you imagine walking out into your green space with your morning coffee and smelling fragrant blooms?

The day of LOVE is coming up so in honor of Valentine’s Day lets explore some gorgeous pink veggies and flowers that you can plant this season.

How do you make an enchanted garden? my neighbor inspired me!

My friend and neighbor Beth inspired me in this way. When she found out I started a blog and was as garden nerdy as she was, we became fast friends. She came over and I went to see her garden. We talked seeds and swapped seeds. She talked about how she was growing certain veggies because they were pink and pink makes her happy! Growing something for that purpose had not been a priority ( I was laser focused on growing food) but this attitude of growing what makes you happy resonated. I began to read up on a cottage garden and fairy garden for the kids. Exploring what beautiful flowers I should add to make my little space a magical place became part of the process. I even considered a garden arbor with pink roses. Creating a lush garden for more than one purpose was very exciting.

So read on for 14 Beautiful Pink Veggies and Flowers Create an Enchanting Garden!. If pink isn’t your thing search for the color that enchants you!

Pink veggies and flowers oh my!

This list of pink veggies and flowers to create an enchanting garden is not all there is available. I chose Baker Creek as my source but search your favorite seed company if you’d like. I like Baker Creek because you can search by color! So fun!

This Chinese pink celery is a stunner in the garden. I have yet to grow this but I bought the seeds. It’s reported to have a slightly sweet and crunchy texture. Grab yours here!

pink celery for your enchanted garden
Chinese Pink Celery

These Pink Beauty Radishes are easy to grow and will add a delicious and beautiful pink to your plate! I have never been a radish fan my my favorite homesteader swears roasting them in the oven takes away the bite and tastes amazing. Get yours here!

pink radishes for your enchanted garden

Ya’ll COME ON with this Okinawa Pink Okra! It’s packed with nutrients and especially down here in the south, okra is near and dear to many hearts. Get yours here!

pink okra for your enchanted garden

This is the type of tomato that will woo be into the garden. This Pink Jazz tomato is a big beefsteak variety that can give you fruit up to a pound each. It’s described as having sweet, tomatoey flavor with peach undertones, Yes, please! Get your happy pink seeds here!

pink jazz tomatoes will woo you in your enchanted garden

Pink Senorita Zinnia for your soul’s happiness and as a result the butterflies and pollinators will thank you. Simply stunning.

Grab your seeds here!

these pink zinnias are amazing in your enchanted garden

I have yet to grow this superfood but when I do this will be in my garden. Takane Ruby Buckwheat can be seen growing high up in the Himalayas and can be ground to make soba noodles. If you have honeybees this cover crop can be beneficial. Honey from bees who fed on ruby buckwheat was analyzed by Shinshu University and shown to contain 100 times the antioxidant effect of regular honey. Get your seeds here!

ruby buckwheat add beauty and nutritious food to your enchanted garden

I like to grow a lot of bush beans since we like to eat green beans. Even my little kids love them! These Red Swan Bush Beans add a beautiful punch of Valentine’s day color but also adds a wonderful variety of bean to your dinner plate! Get your fun beans here!

red awn bush beans add pink to your enchanted garden

These Frosted Salmon Poppy are crazy amazing. Talk about wooing you into your garden! Make space for these annual stunner in your garden this year. Get your poppy seeds here!

salmon poppy adds beauty to your enchanted garden

While not exactly pink, these Rosa Blanca Eggplant add a beautiful blush pink/lavender fruit to your garden. From Sicily with no bitterness this is a great choice of eggplant to start with if you’ve never grown them before. Get some here!

light pink and lavender eggplant veggies adds to your enchanted garden

Kiss Me Over The Garden Gate is the name and that speaks to my heart. Cottage gardens need this annual that’s for sure. More importantly, beautiful pink flower will create an enchanting garden space! Get your garden kiss here!

pink cottage garden flowers

Shallots are so tasty and add so much to recipes! Zebrune Shallot Onions grow into a mild and sweet shallot and of course it’s pink! Get some for yourself here!

pink veggies shallots for an enchanted garden

Strawberry Blond Calendula is already in my seed collection. Calendula has healing properties, pest repellent and adds immense beauty to the garden. Basically, you need these! Buy some strawberry happiness here!

strawberry calendula pink flowers adds beauty to your enchanted garden

Pink Bumble Bee Tomato is a cherry to add to your garden. This variety even tolerates cool nighttime temps and hot days. High yield with a bright, sweet flavor! Fresh vegetables are the best. Get your bumble bees here!

pink bumblebee tomatoes veggies for an enchanted garden

Rounding out with these wonderful hollyhocks! Majorette Double Champagne Hollyhocks are simply stunning and as a result will complete your pink enchanted garden! Can you imagine these in an arrangement on your dining room table? I can. Get yours here!

pink hollyhocks flowers for an enchanted garden

Hopefully you are fully inspired to add some pink veggies and flowers to create an enchanting and romantic garden this year and as a result you will plant some of these stunners. Above all, create a garden that woos you in. As you experience the space you lovingly planned for, you will reap the rewards of all your hard work and love. Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy planning!

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