I talk a lot about locally sourcing what you can’t grow and in June 2022 I started to coordinate a local delivery in Wake Forest because I wanted to form a relationship with a local grass fed, grass finished beef farm. That has grown to over 500 families AND we now have pasture raised chicken, eggs, woodland/pasture raised pork, raw milk, local raw honey and organic elderberry syrup! Wake Forest Local Food Collaborative is the best option for healthier food and it has opened my eyes on what wonderful options we have right in our own community!

It has been amazing to see so many families join with me in supporting local farms. With the impact of food prices going up, lab created meat and the growing distrust of our broken food supply, sourcing local is more important than ever. Read below to learn who your farmers are and if you’re interested in joining us with a twice monthly order, add your email to the list.

NEWS!! We are working on a once a month Cary drop so if you want to be notified when that happens scroll down and add yourself to the email list!

Meet our farmers

Hawkfield Manor Timberlake, NC – Grassfed, Grass-Finished beef and lamb, raised with no growth hormones or antibiotics, on no-spray Mob-Grazed pastures. Jonathan and Heather are passionate about Regenerative Practices, using Silvo Pasture, Traditional pastures, Fruit tree placements, as well as Rotational Grazing with their cattle, sheep, goats, and poultry guarded by their livestock guardian dogs. Their 6 children join them in pasture management and daily livestock chores, but most importantly they are invested in Hawkfield Manor via partial cattle herd ownership. In so doing, they are discipling the next generation of regenerative ranchers to be responsible, and full of integrity..

My Meat Farm Kittrell, NC – Woodland/Pasture raised pork. They root in the ground for grubs, play in the mud and are supplemented with seasonal vegetables and non GMO grain. 100% antibiotic and hormone free as well. Yevette and Jordan’s offerings have favorites like chops and roasts but also fun brat varieties like spinach & feta!

Big October Homestead Henderson, NC – Pasture raised chicken and eggs. They strive to use regenerative farming methods, environmentally friendly practices, and humane measures to produce the best chicken meat & eggs for our customers. Our chickens eat locally grown & milled non-GMO feed & fresh grass daily, which makes for healthy, highly nutritious meat and eggs for you.

Back to Basics Ranch Henderson, NC – Fresh, raw, Jersey A2/A2 milk in accordance with NC state law*. This extension of our farm was actually born from our children’s desire to have the highest quality of raw, A2/A2 milk and be able to share it with others.  Sydney (16) and Timothy Joseph (14) saved their money for over two years in order to be able to purchase the Jerseys with their own funds.  When they found the perfect pair of cows, you can imagine our surprise when they said they were in Missouri!  After a long road trip, Sydney and Timothy started their first dairy operation!  The girls, Maggie and Maybelline, have been a true joy and such a blessing to our entire family.  They are outside on pasture 100% of the time and receive a soy-free, non-GMO grain purchased from Sunrise Farms in Virginia during milking only. 

And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward of the inheritance; for you serve the Lord Christ.  Colossians 3:23-24

 *NC state law requires that we sell our raw milk as NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. We abide by this and our milk is labeled as such. If you have any questions regarding our raw milk, please feel free to reach out to us and we will be happy to answer your questions.

Blue Ridge Pepper Patch and Produce – Louisburg, NC We focus on growing fruits, veggies and hot peppers, often heirloom varieties, using regenerative practices and no conventional herbicides or pesticides. We take steps to increase soil health as we restore the fields on our farm. Because we grow as naturally as possible, our produce sometimes doesn’t look as neat and uniform as what is in the grocery store, but it sure will taste a whole lot better! And better for you too; studies are showing that plants grown in healthy, naturally fertile soil, and freshly picked when ripe, translates to more nutrient-rich produce. We raise many types of crops, including microgreens, to have fresh produce available as year-round as possible. Some of our favorites are super hot peppers, painted serpent cucumbers, banana melons, purple sweet potatoes, and wild leafy greens.

Double Batch Elderberry Wake Forest, NC – Small batch Elderberry Syrup made with organic ingredients and local raw NC honey. Made to order.

Penny Blossoms Flower Farm – Mother/daughter duo flower farm in Macon, NC. Chemical free flowers using regenerative farming methods. They will be offering seasonal regular and mini bouquets!

Many Hands Farm – Small family farm in Louisburg, NC offering freshly milled whole wheat bread, granola, sourdough artisan bread, and sourdough sandwich bread.

How Does This Work?

There is no required order amount or quantity however we want these amazing farmers to be able to rely on our families orders so I ask that you commit to placing an order at least monthly.

It took me about 8 months to completely phase out grocery store meat/dairy/eggs so take your time if you are making this transition for your family. You will pay more than what you pay at the grocery store however the quality is unmatched and the peace of mind that you have knowing that no matter what the food system is doing, your family will be provided for makes it worth it! We all remember the feeling of empty store shelves a few years ago. That is what urged me to do this!

The Wednesday before each order is due, I will send an email reminder. I will also include any specials, new products or sales. I will also send each link or way to order. You will have all the details you need! You don’t need to be on the email list. You can just add a reminder to your calendar however seeing the specials or any new offerings can be helpful.

  1. You will order directly from each farmer.
  2. Payment is made directly to the farmer.
  3. Pickup is the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month in Wake Forest from 4-5pm at Vitality chiropractic & Family Wellness. NOTE: you can absolutely arrange to pick up your order from each farmer if you choose.

This has been such a blessing because now you can pickup at one location and get all your needs met. And you have the opportunity to talk with the amazing farmers that grew your food! You will not find fresher food unless you grew it yourself. When you buy meat from the grocery store you have no idea where it was raised, what drugs it was given or how they were treated. Buying local and is better for your health and it’s better for the earth since this meat is grown within an hour from where you live.

Sign up for the Email Reminder HERE. I send it out the Wednesday before delivery and I do share if they have specials or sales going on.


We are working on a new drop location in Cary that will take place once a month. If you want to be on the email list please click HERE

Join this amazing food revolution! Feel free to forward this to anyone in the local area who is interested in locally sourcing food.