Getting started is very overwhelming. I felt that way when I started. The first thing most of us do is google all gardening related topics and very quickly you can feel paralyzed by all the information. Some of the information may not even apply to you based on where you live or it could be more advanced and what you need is my Gardening 101 class. My classes hit all the basics and can clear your mind so you can start with confidence!

Where I Started

My passion for gardening started in 2020 during the lockdowns. I felt really uncomfortable about my family being so reliant on our current supply chain. So uncomfortable that I overcame my black thumb (I killed every single plant I ever tried to grow before) and I turned this city girl into a gardener!

I want as many people to experience food independence as possible (if you are not familiar with that term click here)

If this city girl can grow food in my small suburban yard, you can too! Start strong with my help.

Curious about what’s included in my Gardening 101 class?

  • Frost dates/growing zones and what they mean to you
  • Cool vs warm crops and why is important to know the difference
  • Garden planning graphs and worksheets
  • Soil – we dive in deep
  • Organic pest control
  • Trap crops/companion planting
  • Resource list with all my local recommendations with some discount codes!

Local Classes Offered This Spring!

Gardening 101 Class offered at Vitality Chiropractic in Wake Forest on April 20th and May 11 at 2pm.

Online Gardening 101 offered April 9th, April 30th and May 14th at 8pm

You can book your spot by clicking HERE. Space is limited to 15 students per class.