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Cheap and Easy Garden Trellis

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Gardening vertically is a priority for people like me. I have a small plot of land so I need to be smart about using my space. This cheap and easy garden trellis is a game changer!

Cheap and easy garden trellis
This was early summer when the midget cantaloupes just started to grow

One thing I learned early on was to maximize my space and grow as much as I could vertically. Not only does it make it possible to grow more, it adds a dramatic element of beauty to your garden.

I watched a lot of gardeners on YouTube and got lots of tips about how to install trellises. I found this tip from Gary on The Rusted Garden. So this wasn’t my original idea but it’s worth passing along! I will share soon how I used hog panels for my tomatoes on another post because that was also a game changer this year.

Cheap and easy garden trellis
Here is another photo of the trellis. I planted basil underneath

This trellis can be expanded too. In the above photo I used four and zip tied them together. Depending on what you are growing and how you want it to look, you can expand or reduce the number of panels.

What is the trellis made of?

This cheap and easy garden trellis is made with two items. This Grip-Rite Ladder Mesh Block (currently $4.27 each – I paid $3.57 last year) at Home Depot and zip ties. That’s it!

You simply zip tie how ever many you’d like to use and arch them into your bed. I have used them in a raised bed and also in an in ground bed.

What can use grow on this cheap and easy trellis?

The possibilities are endless! Any climbing plant can grow on this trellis. I have grown these Minnesota Midget Cantaloupe and Rattlesnake Beans successfully but there are tons of other things you can plant. I even grew Mexican Sour Cucamelons! Any type of cucumber would do really well.

Remember what I said in my planning blog post (Is it time to start planning next years garden and order seeds?), grow what you like to eat so search climbing veggies and start your list of what your family loves to eat.

A word of caution!

Be careful when choosing heavy crops. I grew a TON of spaghetti squash on this trellis and it worked really well until it didn’t. The variety I was growing were just too heavy so I ended up having to use T posts to support it.

Cheap and easy garden trellis
I used five of them for the Spaghetti Squash and it was amazing in the beginning!

It’s also worth mentioning one of my favorite vertical growers…the Greenstalk! If you’d like to check them out click this . You will get a discount and I also get a coupon when you use my link!

I hope you try this cheap and easy garden trellis. Please share in the comments what you are growing on yours!

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