Act Like You Come From a Long Line of Farmers.

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I recently did a consultation for a client as part of my Get Rooted program (info here). She pulled her two little girls in and explained that she came from a long line of gardeners. There was something magical about that moment as she explained why them starting their garden as a family was so important. It got me thinking that you need to act like you come from a long line of farmers….because you do!

Mom talking about generational farming with her daughter
This lovely family is going to start their first family garden!

Generational farming

If you have been following me for a while you know I’m a city girl turned unexpected gardener (learn more about me here) Growing up I ate more processed food and soda than anything grown, certainly not home grown.

As I listened to her explain to her daughters about her father and her father’s father being farmers in India, I remembered that I was told by my mom that her family had a farm in Brazil. I was orphaned at 14 so I can’t hear the stories now. It also got me thinking about what kind of impact would we have if we all acted like we came from farmers.

The past collides with the present

When I was about 8 years old my mom secretly took me away from my alcoholic father and I lived in Brazil for six months. I have searched my memory for anything gardening related but it is all a blur.

However, I am acting like I come from a long line of farmers. I am sure each one of us has a farmer in our family tree. How epic would that be if we stepped into that mindset? We could change the world!

Be the one to pass it down

Growing your own food creates a strong legacy for the next generation. In our current climate here in the USA, leading the next generation to more food independence will truly change lives. We are at a time where living how people lived 80 years ago makes more practical sense than living in the metaverse. We are craving something real not a fake world they are trying to sell us on.

You don’t have to be a parent to pass on a legacy

If you have nieces or nephews, you can pass on a self sufficient legacy. What about kids in the neighborhood? or kids in a low income area? Community garden? The possibilities are endless!

Showing kids and adults how to grow their own food is a gift. It’s a gift that will grow and bless for years to come.

If you need a reminder of why food independence is so important here is a post I wrote about it.

Side yard garden plan
This small area will become a family legacy

Don’t have a large space to garden in?

I live in neighborhood with an HOA and I have a very small yard and I grew a ton of food! You can grow anywhere and even grow food on an apartment balcony so don’t let that stop you.

If you need some inspiration check out my Mini Course here

So Act Like You Come From a Long Line of Farmers and let’s spread food independence all over the place!

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